Launch his blog: These tips I would have liked to know when I started

I still remember the first time I used WordPress. That was in 2007 and the interface was not as perfect and beautiful as it is today. I discovered with a certain joy and especially apprehension the functionalities of this famous CMS.

After more than ten years of use, for better or for worse, I can tell you that WordPress is the ultimate platform for anyone looking to create a blog, a showcase site, a commercial site,… In short, you have understood it, it is the ultimate tool BUT if you have some fundamental notions. These will allow you to save a lot of time, hair and especially sleepless nights spent on your website. Because yes, even if WordPress is a great tool, it can quickly become a nightmare if you scatter too much.

Through this article, I would like to give you some advice that I would have liked to have had when I started my adventure with WordPress. These tips can be applied to as many people as possible, but I don’t pretend to make generalizations about my experiences. Read, take what you think is good and save time, because it is precious!

SEO is the basis of your traffic. Pamper him

If you came across this article, it is because my natural referencing is good 🙂 More seriously, the traffic you will acquire on your internet is declined in several ways:

  • SEO: “natural” traffic. Thanks to the quality of your content and the reputation of your site, you attract traffic
  • Paid: You can pay to attract traffic. Thus by going through Adwords, you can immediately position yourself on a keyword. You have to set up your maximum bid for each keyword. Specialist like Instaon will help you with your first Adwords campaign for your wordpress website.
  • Referent: The web is a big family. By going to talk to colleagues, you will make yourself and your site known. You will glean links that will attract visitors
  • Social: Thanks to your different accounts on social networks, you will promote your content

Depending on the theme of your blog/site, your traffic source will not be the same. However, natural referencing will generally represent your largest source of acquisition so we are taking care of this lever. We produce quality content, we share it and we keep this lifestyle.

Adwords for your wordpress website

Find a competitive niche

Before embarking on your adventure on the Internet, be aware that you will have to take into account two parameters:

  • Your passion
  • The reason for this

For a website to be relevant, for you to capture the attention of your visitors, you must write with passion. But know that passion alone is not enough, you will have to bring a little reason to your adventure. Thus, to avoid getting stuck in a theme in which it will be impossible for you to stand out and therefore acquire traffic, it will be advisable to do a small search for keyword competition.

To perform this keyword search as well as the competition, you have several possibilities:

  • Adwords: Google’s tool used to create paid campaigns offers some features (now restricted)
  • Easier:KWFinder

With the KWFinder tool, you will be able to quickly see the level of competition of a keyword in any country and this very quickly. This way, you will be able to gauge the effort required before you start.

Your network is important, cultivate it

As I tell you in the introduction, on the Internet without a network you are not much. Correction, without a “connection”, the Internet is nothing. It will be necessary to build a network in order to be able to make your website live.

As in real life, there are several types of networks:

  • Ultra-social people: you interact with many people. Congratulations
  • Discreet people: nothing will stop you from succeeding even if you don’t make as much noise as the first category

The more your theme is going to be niche, the less you will need “connections”, we always prefer to privilege quality over quantity, never forget it.

The internal mesh is the key

If you read articles on SEO, you will be told about internal mesh for your internet. What is it in concrete terms? It is necessary to make sure that Internet users and search engines can find all the content on your website.

To make this internal meshing as efficient as possible, we will prioritize the information and try to silote the different sections of our website.

To make it simple, keep in mind that Google hates orphaned pages and so do we 🙁